Welcome to Find My Stuff

Find My Stuff, is a solution that protect people and objects from being lost.
Simply attach one of our tag with a QR code to help the finder of your lost object to bring it back to you.

Never lose anything important

Our tag, coupled with our unique web application, connects the finder of a lost item with the rightful owner via email, telephone, SMS and/or mailing address.

Protect what's important to you

75% of lost objects cannot be returned to their owners because the finders lack information about them.
Find my Stuff is the ultimate solution to that.

Privacy protection

Your privacy is important for us. Therefore when the finder of a lost object try to connect with you, neither your contact information will be divulge to the finder.

Concrete examples

Use your tag on your pet to make sure that they the petfinder can easily connect with you.
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Use our Tag to protect your car and house keys
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Luggage protection
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Floating identification key ring.
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Passeports and other important paper
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Protect your kids or your elderly members of your family
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