T.O. Ceviche Bar is a Toronto-based pop-up restaurant. Housed inside Voulez-Vous Café (1560 Queen St. East, in the grey area between Leslieville and The Beaches), we specialize in ceviche and seafood with a Peruvian and Canadian twist.

The founders of T.O. Ceviche Bar are Mr. Alvaro Valencia from Lima, Peru and Mr. Sean Lacey from Toronto, Canada. Both share the passion for cooking, seafood (especially ceviche) and making sure that people always have a great time. Alvaro and Sean met in late 2011 through a common friend from Albania, kept in touch and in the summer of 2012 decided to get serious with their plans of starting a new restaurant in Toronto, using the existing infrastructure of the Voulez-Vous Café. They identified the need for a place specialized in seafood at an affordable price, with a more contemporary menu but still paying tribute to the tradition of Peruvian 'cevicherias' and Canadian sophistication and techniques.


Our events are held sporadically at Voulez-Vous Café (1560 Queen St. East). Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our upcoming events. We have limited seating available so reservations are strongly encouraged. Please call us at (647) 719-3499 or e-mail us at info@TOCevicheBar.ca or TOCevicheBar@gmail.com to book a table.