"It was fantastic. Seriously, I am not a fish eater, but I found it tasty, light, refreshing and beautiful! You are well on your way to opening a restaurant that serves delicious food! Well done! (...) The music was fun and suitable, and you got a really good crowd out" - Nicole

"The food was delicious and the service and atmosphere were great; thanks for organizing such a cool event!" - Ed

"We had a great time last night - the food was amazing! Can't wait for the next one!" - Jessica

"LOVED the champagne ceviche! Made my day :) can't wait for the next event n'thanks for a great start to a lovely evening :)" - Susan

"Toronto just got more affordable ceviche!" - Peter

"A lot of fun and very yummy, we tried almost everything (...) I'll definitely be coming to your next tasting" - Jason

"So yum" - Matthew

"Loved, loved, loved this dish [Mussels a la Chalaca w/ Pickled Fiddleheads]" - Upama

"Ummmmmm" - Patrick

"Tasty!" - Nancy

"I do love ceviche! :)" - Phoenix

"Yuuuuummmmmmm!! I lurrrrrve Ceviche! SO excited right now! :)" - Lara

"So excited!!! We need more ceviche in Toronto. Every time I'm in Latin America or even Miami I come home in search of good ceviche here. Looking forward to your next event!" - Helen

"Peruvian ceviche comes to Toronto courtesy of T.O. Ceviche Bar" - blogTO.com

"Ceviche and seafood pop-up in Leslieville?! Yep... We've got it!" - Leslieville Market

"[About our Tasting Dinner] It was deeeelicious!" - Leslieville Market

"I love what you are doing" - Dan Donovan, Founder of Hooked Inc.

"Looking forward to tasting your ceviche at the next pop-up" - Chef John Placko, Culinary Director @ Modern Culinary Academy

"Excellent, beautiful" - Chef Jean-Pierre Challet @ ICI Bistro

"Will be there soon! I'm craving a really good ceviche!" - The Local Forks

"I gotta pop in there soon" - Chef Matt Blondin

"While the flavours were not overly complex, it was the simplicity of the ingredients and their natural flavours that really made the meal memorable" - th3hungrycat